Meet our Founder: Daniela López Becerril

Daniela has been a high achiever throughout every moment in her career.

Her monumental success first came to light as a Project Manager in Film Production.

After Daniela spearheaded many operational improvements that elevated profit margins to record levels, she pursued a career in Digital Marketing and Sales Management for major firms in Mexico City. While not uncommon for Daniela to go off the beaten track, her approach to coordinate digital marketing campaigns and execute strategies that optimize the end-to-end experience for customers does not go unnoticed.

Despite being audacious and hard-working behind the scenes, Daniela’s delicate and warm demeanor, attract a diversity of students towards our school community. Daniela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, from the University of Communication in Mexico. Elevating her path forward, she’s obtained a Master of Administration Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, Canada.